Monday, March 9, 2009

Watching Cyclone

Morning all at the moment we are watching the cyclone weather reports. I am near Rockhampton and Yeppoon and you wouldn't know anything was happening were I am. We had a bit of wind and rain last night but today is just cloudy. Just saw FiFi Box on the Sunrise program and she is at Yeppoon main beach and it looks a bit rougher down there. My husband said you wouldn't know a cyclone was around in our area.
I hope it has gone out to sea by Thursday as that is when I fly out to Melbourne for the weekend. I told Edwin last night that I was going from cyclonic weather to Melbourne that had a earthquake the other day what a life. Then they said it might be raining in Vic by the weekend I can't win a trick. Oh well that is not going to stop me. It rained the whole time I was in Adelaide last year and we still got out to see things.

Well cheers for now if I don't get back before I go have a good weekend everyone.

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